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#SoapPlus1: Getting soap into hands that need it

Everything’s changed. In a matter of days the UK has essentially found itself on a Covid-19 war footing, with large parts of society shut down. Uncertainty fills the air, and one of the reactions to this has been panic buying. We’ve all seen the pictures of empty supermarket shelves. One image that stuck with us was of an elderly gentleman, alone in a barren supermarket aisle, looking at his shopping list. Chances are, he wasn’t going to get what he needed. And what if one of the things on his list was soap or hand sanitiser? After all, the government’s message from day one has been that the best protection against the virus is to wash your hands regularly. So, because we sell soap, we’ve decided to give some away too. From today, March 17, until at least the end of May, we’re setting aside a bar of London Bathers soap every time a customer makes a purchase on our site, using the code PLUS1 at checkout. We’ll then distribute the soap to food banks and charities in the best position to help people who need it most. People like the man in the supermarket aisle. It’s our version of ‘suspended coffee’, where a cafe customer pays for an extra coffee that’s given to a homeless person. Such a simple, thoughtful idea. One we’re happy to extend to soap. #SoapPlus1