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Bliss Set


Bring on the bliss. Our Bliss Sets are designed to add a little luxury every time you bath, shower or wash your hands. Choose Inspirit to put an uplifting spring in your step, Detox for a deep cleanse, or Restore for calming floral accords.

Packed in a hand-stamped gift box tied with black ribbon. Shipped using 100% recyclable packaging.

Inspirit: 1 x Inspirit Soaking Salts 220gm, 1 x Charcoal bar soap 100gm, 1 x Bergamot + Ginger Organic Wash 250ml

Detox: 1 x Detox SoakingSalts 220gm, 1 x Green Clay bar soap 100gm, 1 x Tea Tree + Rosemary Organic Wash 250ml

Restore: 1 x Restore Soaking Salts 280gm, 1 x Pink Clay bar soap 100gm, 1 x Jasmine + Geranium Organic Wash 250ml

Use the drop down menu to choose your set.

Bliss Set